Online chart of the Swiss Franc (CHF) rate to Japanese Yen (JPY)
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Currency pair Swiss franc - Japanese Yen (CHF / JPY) is a pair of currencies with negative interest rates.


Both Switzerland and Japan have strong economies, with pronounced positive trade surpluses, although they differ in this indicator by an order of magnitude. The unemployment rate and the budget deficit are traditionally low. Among the factors that influence the volatility of the pair CHF / JPY on forex are interest rates and the change in the euro exchange rate (EUR / CHF pair).


The Swiss franc (bank code CHF) is the official currency of the Swiss Confederation and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Traders usually call it "Swissie", by the way in Europe it is the only remaining franc.

In Switzerland, there are four official languages, which affect the writing of the currency name on banknotes: Franken (in German), franc (in French and Romansh), franco (in Italian).

The issuer of the currency is the Swiss National Bank (Schweizerische National bank, Banque Nationale Suisse, Banca Naziunala Svizra, Banca Nazionale Svizzera), it also conducts monetary and exchange policies that serve the interests of the country.


The yen (JPY bank code) is the official currency of Japan. The issuer is the Bank of Japan (BOJ), which also implements monetary policy: changes in the norm of mandatory reserves, operations in financial markets and regulation of the discount rate.

Swap Short Swap Long Factor Short Factor Long
-1.32 0.28 1 1
Adı Current price Son Değişiklik
CHF/NOK 10.59690000
USD/CHF 0.93393000
EUR/CHF 0.98847000
CHF/SEK 11.14840000