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Ansys Inc

Ansys Inc


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ANSYS, Inc. is one of the world leaders in the development of engineering software (CAE-systems). The company’s product family is designed for strength, thermal calculations, modeling of electromagnetic processes. The company also develops new visualization tools for 3D printing. Based In 1970, under the original name Swanson Analysis Systems Inc. By 1991, the company had a revenue of $ 29 million, the company quickly strengthened its position in the software engineering market, and was renamed in 1994 at Ansys, the company became public in 1996. Ansys grew $ 50.5 million in annual revenue by 1997. The company changed its strategy by focusing on selling software licenses and increasing service fees. grew by an average of 160 percent per year.In the 2000s, the company acquired many other development companies, which allowed Ansys to develop additional technologies for fluid dynamics, electronics design, and other physical analyzes.

At the moment, the company's assets amount to 2.9 billion dollars.

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